Robotic Identity

Identity Management, Meet RPA
The Future of Identity Management

  • Don't rip and replace your IGA, make it better
  • Automate at a 10th of the cost and time
  • Focus your random acts of identity automation
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Identity is Everything, and Everything Starts with Identity!

Concentrate your automation investments to automate the lifecycle of your people and everything they need to do and use
Connect to
Anywhere, Everywhere Automation
Native Privileged Task Automation
Cloud Based
Complete Automation

Rapidly Mature Your Identity Automation Process

Whether you are using email and checklists, or have an existing IGA solution, Cloudbridge can help you to mature your identity automation efforts

IGA Approach
ITSM Approach

Leave Identity Governance where it is. Let Cloudbridge make it real with TRUE identity automation.

IGA solutions are complex and costly to deploy. Cloudbridge respects that investment and allows you to enhance the automation work you’ve done. With Robotic Identity Automation you can:
  • Painlessly and securely connect to virtually any system, application, or device that supports PowerShell, Graph, or REST
  • Easily create or extend existing automations to execute even the most complex or privileged of fulfillment tasks
  • Enhance your existing IGA automations and go deeper than IGA connectors will ever go
  • Avoid the risk, disruption, and expense of a migration to another IGA, that will still be limited.

Cloudbridge brings powerful, simple, cost effective automation to your ITSM platform. 

ITSM’s are the swiss army knives of IT organizations around the globe. While they are valuable for ensuring management and reporting, people still must do the work. Cloudbridge integrates with your ITSM and provides:
  • Automated fulfillment of identity related as well as other tickets created by an IGA or directly in your ITSM
  • Remove the need for tickets by providing self-service capabilities to your end users to empower them
  • Delegate tools to your service desk people to manage your people and everything they use, without excessive training or the risk of privileged access.

Come for Identity,
Stay for the Platform

Unlike IGA or ITSM focused automation, Cloudbridge is a complete automation platform to empower you to create your own innovative solutions to your most complex challenges.


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