Better Office 365 Administration

• Are you giving away your credentials to too many people?
• Wish that you could delegate granular tasks without giving away the keys to the kingdom?
• Do you have visibility into critical changes?


Better Office 365 Administration!


Over 80% of breaches occur because of compromised credentials. Cloudbridge secures your credentials and provides faster, more secure administration.


Assign granular tasks to your staff and avoid risks associated with native access. Cloudbridge delegation ensures that IT policies are adhered to.


Ensure that changes adhere to best practices. Remove risks that result from human error. Operate your systems from a business level rather than a product level.


Detect unseen changes. Gain new insights into security exposures. Prove compliance with a complete audit history.

How it Works

De-Provision O365 Users

Deleting users when they leave an organization is a common task that requires many steps in order to save important data while removing access from former employees.

Cloudbridge allows administrators a better experience when utilizing  the multiple "Microsoft Best Practices" steps to de-provision users in Office 365.

The result is a cleaner, more complete and efficient workflow that is easier to complete, ensuring that this essential task no longer is one of the "meant to do" tasks that leaves organizations exposed.


A critical task that is often ignored

Flexible to include any additional steps required

Users are searchable by multiple criteria 

Filter results to customize reports

Enforce custom policies

Track and report on activities

Easily delegate to staff

Office 365 Automation & Delegation

Cloudbridge Office 365 solution makes it easy to delegate tasks without granting native permissions. Perform cross-platform actions for on-prem hybrid management and integration with systems like ServiceNow.

Manage User and Groups

Delegate access without native permissions

Deprovision users according to best practices

Dynamic and pivot groups

Track exactly who did what

Automatically detect and alert on sensitive changes

Recertify users, groups and resources with attestation

Multi-tenant support


Cloudbridge Dynamic Roles Outlined

Create custom cross-platform tasks and workflows

Delegate tasks by role or to an individual

Enforce custom policies on data entry

Uses simple PowerShell for customization

Add team members through simple invites

Cloud based, nothing to install

Supports cloud, private-cloud, on-prem

Credentials are securely managed

Interfaces with most IT systems

Seeing is believing...

Learn how Cloudbridge can work for you.