Finally, RPA Purpose Built for IT Operations

Discover a Better Way of Getting Things Done

Focus on What Matters

Automate the repetitive. Focus on innovating and transforming for success.

Why Cloudbridge

The first RPA built from the ground up to address the needs of everyone associated with IT, from administrators to the business they support.
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Purpose Build for IT
No Assembly Required

Increasing productivity shouldn't require new complications in your life.

100% Cloud-Based
No Infrastructure Required

Don't wait weeks or months to get value. Receive value on day one, zero hour.

Secure by Design
No Privilege Required

No need to worry about security controls with RPA. Numerous security features to handle any level of risk.

Built for PowerShell
No Translation Required

Trying to communicate in a foreign language isn't productive. We speak the language of IT, PowerShell.

Do You Know the 5 Laws That Govern Bots?

Give our Introduction to Cloudbridge a quick glance to learn that and much more.

ZEROfy™ with Cloudbridge

ZEROfy is our method to eliminate the three things that hinder maximum productivity and control.


Make it simple to get things done.

Collect and train our bots with the technical, operational, compliance, and security expertise from all the right people. Once trained let them loose or delegate them to assist your users.


Stop things from going wrong.

Bots always perform tasks exactly the same way each time and they never misuse their privilege. They can be trusted to accomplish and task regardless of the risk.


Automate it or make it easy to complete.

Change is ever increasing. Due to the expertise required many have to be involved to get things done, and because of risk, others have to monitor. Our bots don't get paid and love to work.

What ZEROfy Does for You

The productivity and control gains of a ZEROfied organization has many benefits for you and your organization.


Focus your efforts and your valuable people on driving innovation and transforming your organizations with confidence and with lower costs.


Have greater trust that activities being executed are secure and compliant. Our bots can't abuse their privileges and only do what you tell them.

IT Guru

Get things done quicker and then focus on the project that you really want to work on. Be an innovator and leave the repetitive stuff to our bots.

Business Leaders

Have an IT team focused on the things that help you stay competitive, innovation and transformation.  Our bots are now part of your team.
Cloudbridge has allowed us to rapidly respond to COVID-19. It has allowed us to quickly adapt our Office 365 management to a work-from-home IT workforce. We have been able to push IT tasks to remote staff, without providing privileged access. We see what’s being done and get alerted to out of band changes.



What Bots Can Do for You

User Management

One of our bots favorite places to work is the task that no one likes. After all, who went into IT to create accounts and change passwords.

Lifecycle Management

Manage the user lifecycle from start to finish or integrate with your IGA to extend its reach in your enterprise.

User Self-Service

Delegate to end-users, assistants, managers or anyone else that needs to manage someones data, with zero privileges.

Group Management

Create, delete and manage membership dynamically  from many authoritative sources.


No matter how complex or risky the management task, our bots will faithfully execute it exactly as you wish.

Last Mile Integration

Bridging the gap between your enterprise applications and the systems they manage can be a huge leap. Fortunately, our bots can fly and bridge that last mile.

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

Enable true event-driven user administration. Be compliant at all times and manage down to the metal.


Let our bots service those tickets for you. Reduce the time to resolution and eliminate escalations.

Privileged Access Management

Extend the use of your investment in PAM technology. Operationalize and automate the execution of privileged tasks.


Cloudbridge's one-click REST integration capability extends the reach of any application quickly and securely.

Privileged Task Automation

The riskiest tasks are those that require the most privilege. Hand those tasks over to our bots and your productivity and control skyrocket.

Server Management

Put complete control on how server management tasks are accomplished. No coloring outside the lines allowed.

Standing Access Management

Remove standing access on devices and use our bots to execute tasks in a zero trust model. 

Key Management

Cloudbridge includes an integrated key vault to protect the keys to your kingdom. Have one already? We work with it as well.


Since Cloudbridge is built for PowerShell, anything PowerShell can do our bots can do. That's a lot!

Complete Robotic

When our bots are orchestrated to work together the returns for you are immense. 

Cloudbridge for
Microsoft® 365

Complete Microsoft 365 management solution. Put our bots to work to automate and simplify the reporting and management you need to ensure you are in control.

Cloudbridge for
Microsoft® Teams

Extend the administration tools of Microsoft Teams to allow you to accelerate the use of Teams while keeping in control and ensure compliance through governance.

Cloudbridge for

Take your IT teams PowerShell development to the next level with our native development tools and privileged grade security controls. Focus on coding and leave the rest to us.


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