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Cloudbridge Can Help You Adjust to New Realities

You may be struggling to keep up with the stress of supporting a remote workforce or dealing with how to keep your organization running with limited staff.Here are some of the issues of concern to customers today.
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Overworked IT & Help Desk Workers

The rate of change to existing systems, the introduction of new systems, and depleted staff are pushing organizations to the brink.

Lack of Insight

With many having to work remotely with little to no insight into what they are doing, leaders are experiencing a lack of trust.

Lack of Productivity

Overworked staff results in available workers waiting for necessary changes to be completed in order to be productive.

Business Continuity Worries

When systems fail, our whole business is at risk.

Success On the Frontlines


Technology Company
300+ Users
“With the COVID19 pandemic, we face a work-from-home situation where getting IT operations completed predictably and securely is a risk.  Cloudbridge is an essential tool during this time, which allows us to operate our Office 365 environment remotely without any native access.  Every task is performed through Cloudbridge, giving me delegated control and insight, which is critical in times of upheaval and uncertainty.”
-Jason S.

How Cloudbridge Can Help You

IT Automation & Privileged Access Working as One
Cloudbridge grants companies, schools, and other organizations the agility they need to respond to the constant changes to systems while also granting them the control necessary to mitigate the risks inherent in making the changes needed to keep their organization functioning.

Cloudbridge accomplishes this in three ways:


Take unstructured activities and create repeatable, structured tasks, reducing complexity and ensuring business continuity


Use structured tasks to automate processes, eliminating human error and manage demand with limited, or even no staff


Implement a zero-trust security model for access and real-time insight into privileged access to increase visibility and trust

Be Prepared for What Comes Next

While many changes are happening, there will be more changes coming. The return to some form of normality will be just as tricky. Starting to implement automation through Cloudbridge will help you be ready for what comes next.

Begin Regaining Control Today

Cloudbridge now available for four months FREE to help you adapt to the COVID-19 realities.
“Cloudbridge has allowed us to respond to COVID-19 rapidly. It has allowed us to quickly adapt our Office 365 management to a work-from-home IT workforce. We have been able to push IT tasks to remote staff without providing privileged access. We see what’s being done and get alerted to out of band changes.”
- Jesse K.
Kansas University

Success On the Frontlines

Kansas University

Higher Education
60,000+ Users

Kansas University can resolve 90% of help desk tickets without escalation, a 650% increase in efficiency in just six months of using Cloudbridge

What Cloudbridge Can Do for You

Cloudbridge is an entirely extensible automation solution powered through PowerShell scripts. You can take your existing scripts and benefit from the delegation, auditing, version control, and other features of Cloudbridge. Also, Cloudbridge offers many out-of-the-box automation scripts to start you on the path to reaching your goals on day one.

Here are just a few of the hundreds available.

Microsoft 365


Active Directory

Help Desk 2

Help Desk

Self Service



Group Management

Remote Worker

Remote Worker


PowerShell Script
Management & Security


Provisioning / 

Begin Regaining Control Today

Cloudbridge now available for four months FREE to help you adapt to the COVID-19 realities.


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