We turn your PowerShell scripts into Cloud Applications

Cloudbridge wraps your PowerShell scripts with rich services allowing you to turn simple scripts into full cloud applications


Turn PowerShell Scripts into Cloud Apps


In just minutes, turn your standalone scripts into full applications with user interface and role-based delegation


Transform PowerShell scripts into powerful workflows using simple UI


Run your PowerShell scripts in many locations at once with just a click


Easily link your PowerShell workflows with other internal systems using Cloudbridge REST endpoints

How it Works

Top 10 Reasons to Use Cloudbridge for PowerShell!

Cloudbridge turns ordinary PowerShell scripts into Cloud applications with no effort. Simply paste your scripts and run them. Script results appear in customizable grids that turn your data into business results. Schedule your scripts and share the results with others. Build right-click-fix actions that you can delegate to your team with Cloudbridge Dynamic Roles. Develop solutions for your IT management needs in record time with Cloudbridge.

Supports any standard PowerShell script

Easily transform raw data into business data

Schedule to run at any intervals

Never expose your credentials

Uses an inheritance model for simple script management

True hybrid support - run against many environments at once!

Detect and alert on changes in your data

Delegate access to team members

Retains data and script versions over a timeline

Auto-manage data retention

Hundreds of other features!

Take PowerShell to the Cloud

Why settle for Azure Runbooks when you can have a full Cloud portal dedicated to building Cloud solutions with PowerShell. Cloudbridge wraps Powershell with all the services you need for a rich end-user experience.

Run Your PowerShell anywhere and everywhere!

Your PowerShell scripts can run in Cloud, Private Cloud or on-prem. Add executions targets by simply adding locations. Data is automatically consolidated into a single pane of glass in the Cloud.

Turn raw data into end-user views in seconds

Cloudbridge turns raw PowerShell results into business views. Transform data into business intelligence in just minutes without a single line of code.



Time Travel

Not only are your scripts automatically version controlled, your data is too. Cloudbridge allows you to travel back in time to a previous version of your script and its data.

Change Monitoring

Cloudbridge automatically detects changes in your data and alerts you!

Team Collaboration

Whether you're sharing in the design and build of a solution or sharing the resulting data and workflows, Cloudbridge roles allow you to easily delegate the right level of access.

Enterprise Ready

Tested with massive amounts of data and with enterprise-caliber RBAC, Cloudbridge is the right platform for developing enterprise solutions.


The PowerShell Solutions Platform!


Administrate, Delegate, Automate

Cloudbridge makes it easy to build powerful solutions for IT admin challenges.

Cloudbridge provides all the services that PowerShell is missing.

Visualizing data

Interactive user experience with actions

Delegation (teams & security)

Provide a secure work environment to manage credentials

Cross-platform management & execution (cloud, priv cloud, on-prem)

Scheduled executions

Managing data over time


Cloudbridge Benefits

New levels of business automation

Powerful workflows, user interactions, etc.

New solutions in days not months

Extends your existing investments in PowerShell

Work with skills you already have

Leverage the open source community

Close major security holes

Credentials are securely managed

Your IP and operations in one managed location, accessible from anywhere

Improved ROI on existing investments

Reduce redundancy in your data, systems and operations

Reduce regulatory vulnerability by maintaining detailed audit trails

Bringing People, Systems and Data Together

Seeing is believing...

Learn how Cloudbridge can work for you.