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Eliminate unused and underutilized licensing.

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What would savings of up to 56% on your M365 licenses look like for you?

Here's some sample savings of what you could save this year alone!
2,500 user enterprise
10,000 user enterprise
ROI in 23 days
50,000 user enterprise
ROI in 5 days
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Gain Control of Your Microsoft 365 licensing, don't let it control you!

find savings. avoid renewal surprises. make sure you're only paying for what you need.

As new applications and services become available from Microsoft, the complexity of licensing coupled with your size and usage creates great amounts of waste. Here are some sample averages in licensing waste Cloudbridge has brought to light.
INactive licenses
Licenses that have been assigned, but are not being used by their users.
oversized licenses
Licenses that have greater capabilities than their assigned users need.
unassigned licenses
Licenses that have been purchased but are not assigned to any users.

Use Cloudbridge to know precisely what you have before you spend another dime on licenses!

Give Your Organization Everything Needed to Keep Saving You on Licenses with Zero Effort

Automated licensing and usage collection to simplify and reduce the effort and cost of gaining insight into the reality of your licensing.
Robotic compilation and correlation of data through the use of Data Bots to remove the complexity and spreadsheets typically associated with license analysis.
Automatic license assignment to both remediate your current license assignments and keep it accurate long-term.
Support for multi-tenant license management giving you a solution that supports your current or future architecture.
Extensible and integrates with your ITSM and IGA to maximize compliance and ROI, while allowing you to manage more than just licensing.

360° Robotic Automation Applied to the Four biggest license management challenges

regardless of your size, technological maturity, or the mix of licenses you have to manage, there are four big challenges that cloudbridge's 360° robotic automation brings to license management

#1 Discover

Take the guess work, risk, and effort out of discovering your licensing truth

Collect License Data

Deploy Task Bots to collect an accurate view of how your Microsoft 365 licenses are distributed across your user population.

Compile Usage Data

Uncover how users are utilizing their licenses. Examine how much value users are actually getting to eliminate underutilization.

Multi-Tenant Ready

Don't be restricted by the boundaries of trying to discover licensing across multiple tenants. Get an accurate view across all your tenants.

No Privileged Access Required

Ensure that no standing privileges need to be given to administrators or auditors. Only Task Bots have the needed access.

Using robotic automation, you can speed up your discovery efforts, decrease the cost, and ensure accuracy.

#2 Analyze

Ditch the spreadsheet and automate your analysis and policy creation

Correlate Usage Statistics

Usage data can be extremely complex. Get rid of the spreadsheet and use our Data Bots to correlate stats and get an accurate picture of normal usage.

Find Inactive License

On average 23% of licenses assigned are inactive, not used within 30 days. Find these licenses and stop buying unneeded licenses.

Propose License Changes

Don't just see that there are things that need to be changed. Get suggestions of proposed changes that you can use to optimize.

Delegate Access to Collaborators

Include auditors, purchasing, and others in your license management without extensive training or the risk of standing privilege's. 

Robots love math. Use them to get your analysis right, and use Cloudbridge's cross-industry insight to get your licensing just right.

#3 Remediate

Set your licensing in order without the manual effort before your next renewal

Automated License Assignment

Apply your optimal licensing scenario automatically using Task Bots to ensure 100% accurate results with no manual efforts or additional costs.

Automate Attestation

Not sure whether someone should be getting your recommended license? Use Task Bots to allow managers to attest to the validity of the assignment.

Automated Reporting

Data Bots can automate reporting that purchasing, IT, and others may need. Go into your annual renewals with all the data at your fingertips.

Set Automatic Expirations

Set dates for expiration that Task Bots can automatically expire licenses for contractors or other users that only need temporary access.

Automated remediation without risk, excessive time, or high costs is possible with Cloudbridge Task Bots on your side.

#4 Enforce and Optimize

Constantly and consistently automate license management enforcement and continuous improvement to squeeze out every dollar of savings

Robotic Assignment

Take away the effort involved in manually assigning licenses, along with the risk of human errors. Let Task Bots handle it for complete automation.

Delegate License Control w/o Risk

Train Task Bots to assist users, managers, and others to handle the many scenarios that step outside the norm without training or security risks.

Store Usage Data Beyond 90-Days

Using Data Bots you can store usage data over long periods of time, giving you the ability to optimize and further refine your policy saving you more.

Integrate with Your IGA

Connect Cloudbridge with your IGA investment and extend the reach of your existing identity governance policies into Microsoft 365 licensing.

Getting control of your licensing is just the beginning. Keeping control is just as important.

Make Sure You've Thought of everything before you choose a license management solution

real license management is more than a just a bunch of features

Making a decision when choosing the right license management solution for your organization may seem easy, but there is more to it than just giving you the information you need to get your licenses under control. Ensuring that it will work in the environment you have, with the management solutions like ITSM and IGA that you've invested in, and will allow you to expand it to do more without changing the way you work, is vital to your success. Here's a just a few things you need to think about:
What should you know about license management in a MULTI-TENANT environment?
What capabilities must your SERVICE DESK have to ensure license control?  
How can you make the most of your IGA INVESTMENT in managing your licensing costs?
How do you make sure your license solution isn't a RANDOM ACT OF AUTOMATION?
Finally, why your choice needs to WORK THE WAY YOU WORK?

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