Is Microsoft Teams taking over your organization? You are not alone. Cloudbridge has a solution to keep you in control.
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Is Teams Becoming Your Next Public Folder Disaster?

The ability to collaborate quickly and without limits is attractive unless your job is to keep things under control. The Cloudbridge IT automation platform will enable you to retain control,  and unlike other point-solutions, will allow you to automate your entire enterprise.

New Microsoft Teams Automation Coming June 30

We worked with organizations from education to pharmaceutical, to create the first automation solution that allows you regain and keep control of Teams as part of an enterprise solution. What have we built? Here’s a quick look at the features.
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Situational Awareness

Understanding what is happening with your Teams is vital to keeping control. Cloudbridge will enable you to:
  • Search, pivot and mine Teams content
  • Establish organizational relationships
  • Report on adoption and forecast usage
  • Proactively detect and alert on changes and risks


Knowing what's hapening is valuable, but remediation can be time consuming and expensive. We’ll help by:
  • Automating remediation on-demand or entirely autonomously.
  • Enable helpdesk and IT staff to make changes easily and quickly
  • Protect IP and compliance issues through detection, reporting and automation.

Lifecycle Management

Controlling the provisioning, change and deprovisioning process to keep you in control. Cloudbridge will help by:
  • Enabling enterprise grade self-service and provisioning
  • Enforce controls such as naming and restrictions with policies
  • Automate the cleanup of unused Teams
  • Re-apply templates to teams
  • Detect teams that don't comply with templates

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The new Microsoft Teams capabilities for Cloudbridge are almost complete. Would you like to keep up-to-date with the Cloudbridge Teams project? Do you want to see the software now? Fill out the form below and be part of the team building this first of it’s kind solution for Microsoft Teams.

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What Our Customers Say About Cloudbridge

Customers big and not-so-big use Cloudbridge every day to manage their Microsoft Enterprise infrastructure. Here what they have to say about the product.
Cloudbridge has allowed us to rapidly respond to COVID-19. It has allowed us to quickly adapt our Office 365 management to a work-from home IT workforce. We have been able to push IT tasks to remote staff without providing privileged access. We see what’s being done and get alerted to out of band changes.
Kansas University