Cloudbridge’s Privileged Task Management (PTM)
system is the foundation for all of Cloudbridge's capabilities that make your operations more efficient and more secure.
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Efficiency and Control
Shouldn’t Be at Odds with Each Other

“The ancestor of every action is a thought” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Privileged Task Management (PTM) is a system based on a thought - that efficiency and control are just different sides of the same coin. That simple yet sometimes contentious thought drives everything that Cloudbridge does and has from the beginning.

PTM Is What Makes Cloudbridge Unique

Delivering the PTM system in Cloudbridge gives subscribers the best of IT automation and the power of integrated security capabilities that deliver privileged access management, zero-trust access, and security intelligence in one seamless solution. Combined, they enable the three steps for automation success in your enterprise.


Complexity is the enemy of efficiency and success.
Complexity is the enemy of efficiency and security, increasing the expertise needed to complete a task, and increasing the risk of human error. PTM provides the ability to allow even those with limited expertise to accomplish a task without human error and be compliant with policy.


Threats don’t care how busy you are.
As the need for efficiency increases, security tends to suffer as controls are simply brushed aside or minimized in order to meet demands. PTM has security at its core, without the need to bolt on additional capabilities. With PTM, users are never granted privileges.  


There is always more to get done.
Many tasks are initiated by a user when needed, while others are autonomous, happening based on events or schedules. PTM allows for all contingencies and enable their orchestration to achieve the maximum efficiency through re-use in various more complex tasks.

Key Capabilities of PTM in Cloudbridge

Cloudbridge has many capabilities that take PTM from a thought to reality.

Simplify IT

Complexity is the
enemy of efficiency
and success

Structured Task Creation

Give you the ability to take the many unstructured activities that make up any given task and give you a method to structure and orchestrate them into a single task, reducing complexity and risk.

Integration of Expertise and Policy

Structured tasks contain the expertise (knowledge) needed to complete the task as well as the policy to ensure it is compliant. Together this ensures that task execution happens accurately and securely.

Simplified Interface

Dynamic interfaces are built for on-demand tasks to reduce the complexity and risk associated with having to grant access to numerous systems and their complex interfaces.

Secure IT

Threats don’t care
how busy you are

Zero-Trust Access Model

Individual users are NEVER granted privileges. Only the task itself is granted privileges, enabling a true zero-trust access model. Users, privileged or not, can only operate within the boundaries of the task reducing misuse.

Integrated Credential Vault

To ensure that privileged accounts are not compromised, Cloudbridge contains an integrated key vault to safely store credentials ensuring users cannot circumvent controls. Push-button integration with Thycotic’s Secret Server is also included

Built-in Insight

To increase trust, a security intelligence capability is integrated with Cloudbridge. With this capability auditors and business leaders have real-time insight into not only the controls that are in place, but also how they are being used.

Automate IT

There is always
more to get done

Delegation of On-Demand Tasks

Individual users (administrators, help desk, auditors, end-users) can be delegated tasks explicitly or dynamically. Tasks can be completed regardless of location due to Cloudbridge's cloud-based design.

Autonomous Task Execution

Tasks such as those associated with maintenance, can be given specific schedules to execute. Schedules can vary from task to task. This reduces issues with dependent tasks not being completed due to oversight.

Scheduled Task Execution

Cloudbridge can also operate like an RPA solution with completely autonomous tasks. These tasks can be activated through internal events or external events via REST or other means.

What Our Customer Say About Us

Cloudbridge has a 100% renewal rate by its subscribers. Here’s what they have to say about the product.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, we face a work-from-home situation where getting IT operations completed predictably and securely is a risk. Cloudbridge is an essential tool during this time, allowing us to operate our Office 365 environment remotely without any native access. Every task is performed through Cloudbridge, giving me delegated control and insight, which is critical in times of upheaval and uncertainty,


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