One Platform, a Thousand Solutions

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Priveledged Account Management

With many systems both on-prem and cloud, IT administration typically requires granting excessive permissions. Organizations are left exposing highly sensitive credentials to too many staff.

Alternatively, keeping the credentials safe means that too many operational tasks fall into the lap of highly paid staff. This results in huge inefficiencies and the inability to scale without compromising security.


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The Cloudbridge Solution

Cloudbridge allows you to model the tasks that your admin and help desk staff need to perform and then delegate without the need for providing native access.

This results in:

  • Increased security
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less downtime
  • Faster turnaround on operational requests
  • Improved IT agility
  • Global scalability


Solve any Problem

The Cloudbridge platform allows you to use PowerShell to model your cloud and on-prem tasks.

Cloudbridge wraps Powershell scripts with rich UI and processing services that transforms simple PowerShell fragments into cloud portals with little effort.

Even a junior admin with little to no PowerShell knowledge can model tasks and delegate to staff making it easy for any organization to realize immediate benefit.

The PowerShell advantage means that you can embed virtually any business logic or behaviour.


Up and Running Quickly

Cloudbridge is a cloud service. Sign up is easy. Nothing to provision, nothing to deploy.

Transform some of your biggest security and delegation problems into solutions in only days.

With only a small time investment, Cloudbridge will automate many routine tasks across many systems; both cloud and on-prem.

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True Automation

Cloudbridge allows IT teams to remove compromise from operational workflows. Cloudbridge transforms discussions from, "It has to work this way." into "How would we like this to work?"

Organizations can author sophisticated workflows that span many products and services delivering true automation.

Automation reduces the dependency on people and ensures that complex, multi-step tasks always get performed in a reliable, repeatable and secure way. This empowers IT leaders to be more dynamic, introduce services faster, and ultimately lowers the cost of doing business.


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Watching what you do

Cloudbridge monitoring functions perform background auditing, detecting out-of-band changes.

Cloudbridge provides insights into any native accesses that might compromise security or operational stability. When these changes are detected, an alert is sent to warn you of an unexpected change.

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Return on Investment

By automating and delegating using Cloudbridge, your IT operational costs will drop:
  • Credentials lockdown reduces the risk and associated costs of a security breach.
  • Automation reduces human dependency, completely removing people from many tasks.
  • Delegation moves workloads to less costly staff reducing your labour costs.
  • Timeline data tracking reduces labour costs during an outage and reduces costly outage windows.


Long Term Investment

Investing in automation and delegation means that your technology choice will become an extension of your IT organization.

Our computing environments are changing rapidly. Any investments should carefully consider the long-term picture.

As an open platform, Cloudbridge will adapt to any new requirement regardless of product, technology, or ecosystem. Cloudbridge sits above your silos of technology providing protection against obsolescence.

Seeing is believing...

Learn how Cloudbridge can work for you.