Cloudbridge - Zero Trust for true security.

PAM is Not Enough!

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions control access to credentials, not systems and data. Once credentials are retrieved from the PAM system, the user has uncontrolled native access to the systems and data. To achieve Zero Trust, the organization must remove privileged access. To date, this has not possible with PAM. Organizations can achieve Zero Trust with the Cloudbridge Privileged Task Management (PTM) solution.

Automate and Delegate Tasks

Remove native access to your systems and data. Instead, users perform IT operations via automated tasks. Tasks are delegated to the people that need to perform the task. Tasks are programmed, repeatable, controlled; no trust is required. A user can perform only the operation allowed within the task. Cloudbridge allows you to build tasks within self-service portals with only a few bits of code. 

Cloudbridge takes Security to a whole new level!


Achieve Zero Trust

Zero Trust security is based on the principal that no one should be trusted. This results in the highest level of security for your systems and data.  Cloudbridge Privileged Task Management enables true Zzero Trust by providing users with access to tasks, not elevated credentials. 

Automate repetitive tasks

Free up your team to focus on higher-impact initiatives. Save time and reduce human error by automating repetitive tasks, such as provisioning and de-provisioning

Just Enough Administration

Cloudbridge ensures that each administrator has just enough administrative privileges and no more. Administrators get access to what they need via Role Based assignments and never get to see the credentials that are being used.


Privilege Task Management

Cloudbridge is the undisputed leader in PTM

Cloudbridge provides hundreds of pre-built PTM tasks that can be used as-is or tied together for more complex remediations. All necessary services are provided to make PTM implementation easy. Start Simple: within days, organizations are seeing significant business benefits, all without the overwhelming cost and complexity of traditional PAM. Grow into full PTM: PTM grows like wildfire in progressive organizations. The organization quickly sees benefits and rapidly grows into a full PTM implementation.
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Task Based - Privilege Access Management

Like Power Tools for PowerShell

Cloudbridge turns ordinary PowerShell scripts into Cloud applications with no effort. Simply paste your scripts and run them. Script results appear in customizable grids that turn your data into business results. Schedule your scripts and share the results with others. Easily keep track of all of your scripts and when they were run. Build right-click-fix actions that you can delegate to your team with Cloudbridge Dynamic Roles. Develop solutions for your IT management needs in record time with Cloudbridge.
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Like Power Tools for PowerShell

Reporting and Auditing

Cloudbridge records everything! Governance, risk and compliance concerns are set at ease. Cloudbridge records who ran scripts, the content of the script, the results, the debug runlog, what credentials were used, everything! Gain complete insight into your script environment. Use the time-travel feature to go back in time for investigations or to see the output of your script at a previous point in time.

Your solutions will build on this. You will see who performed what actions in your solutions. Cloudbridge even automatically detects changes in script result data and generates alerts.
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Reporting and Auditing