Published: 01/04/2020
By: Kevin Foisy

Responding to COVID-19 - How Automating IT Tasks Can Help

I won’t take your valuable time to echo back your problems. You already know what they are. Everyone is feeling the same kinds of pressure. I reached out to several of our customers and asked, “how can we help?” and I was told, “you already are.” I was a bit surprised.

One customer with approximately 60K users told me that we’ve helped them maintain continuity in their helpdesk operations. With most of their staff working from home, they’ve been able to transition their helpdesk operations to remote locations with little effort and without any compromise to their security.

 “Cloudbridge has been an enormous asset in our evolving response to COVID19.  With our workforce operating almost entirely remotely, Cloudbridge has allowed us the flexibility to quickly delegate tasks to remote help desk staff without providing privileged access to systems.  Cloudbridge allows us to ensure that all actions are logged, and any activity is constrained by limits we define.” – Jesse K, Kansas U.

Another customer with approximately 300 users told me that his administrators have been able to transition to home operations without missing a beat. The familiar Cloudbridge portal that they use for administration is cloud based and available from any location. They have been able to automate IT tasks for remote users without delegating permissions.

“With the COVID19 pandemic, we face a work-from-home situation where getting IT operations completed in a predictable and secure manner is a risk.  Cloudbridge is an essential tool during this time. It allows us to operate our Office 365 environment remotely without any native access.  Every task is performed through Cloudbridge giving me delegated control and insight which is critical in times of upheaval and uncertainty.” Jason S - Nuvolo

Automating IT Tasks and Delegating without Permissions

The common thread is delegation of responsibility to remote administrators / helpdesk. The customers use Cloudbridge to model the IT operational tasks according to business policy, and then securely delegate those automated tasks via a cloud web portal. This allowed them to pickup and move without skipping a beat. They claim to have operational continuity, security, and have a detailed audit trail. Because tasks are automated, they can be performed without technical expertise, so if someone gets sick, another can easily take over. And with people working from remote locations, the ability to do operations without privileged access is a big security win.

So, the next question was, “how do we help others?” I am exceedingly sensitive to companies capitalizing on human tragedy and want no part of that. On the other hand, if we can truly help, then let’s do it! 

I challenged our engineering team to streamline our solution so that small and mid-sized companies could benefit from this with little to no friction. Next, I talked with our finance department, “can we make this free?” Finally, our marketing team, “can we get the word out quickly enough to actually make a difference?” 

We have worked double time on this and I’m pleased to announce that we have achieved our goal. We have something that we feel can really help small and mid-sized organizations, can do it today, and we can make it free.

Managing the Administrative Transition from Work to Home

We are now in QA with an updated version of our Cloudbridge PTM solution designed to help organizations manage Microsoft365 as they transition to work from home. We expect general availability by April 15th, 2020 and it’s free for 4 months to help people get through this crisis.

This new release makes it very simple for small and medium sized organizations to sign up and immediately start managing their infrastructure using automated tasks that operate remotely, securely and with a full audit trail. As organizations roll out Office365 to their work-from-home users, they can manage with much greater ease, and automate completely. Critical groups maintain continuity through automation. Complex deprovisioning tasks are completely automated. Nobody is required to have native access. No special skills are required to perform these tasks; they can be delegated to anyone. No startup friction. Very little to learn, just sign up, we’ll set you up, and away you go.

We hope that we can lower the pain and help many businesses get through this. Please stay safe. Stay at home. 


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