Cloudbridge for Microsoft Teams


Automated governance for Microsoft Teams. Accelerate adoption, gain control, and keep it!

Robotic Management, a Smarter Way to Work

Add RPA to accelerate the adoption, administration, and governance of Microsoft Teams while controlling costs and ensuring compliance.

Accelerate Adoption of Teams with Control

Allow your organization to use Teams without limits and keep control on the back-end.
Open up your deployment of Teams to allow for accelerated organic growth by automating and delegating the administration taking away the bottleneck of IT while keeping control with less effort.

Continuous Automated Governance

Don’t just create policies, enforce them 24/7/365 without additional work or expense.
For many businesses, the use of Teams is round-the-clock. Using bots can allow you to not just monitor, but truly enforce policies continuously, without the need for additional manual effort and costs.

Simplify and Delegate Administration

Make the management of Teams so simple that you can delegate it to anyone without risk.
Give your end-users the ability to manage and control Teams with our robotic experts. Let them guide your users so that Teams can grow quickly but safely and compliant.

Answer the Top Challenges of Administering, Governing and Adopting Microsoft Teams with RPA.

Whether you’re struggling with the challenges of managing the administration lifecycle, governance, gaining insight, or trying to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Teams, Cloudbridge gives you the power of robotic process automation to simplify or eliminate the effort needed.

Simplify and Accelerate Lifecycle Management

Leverage the power of automation and simplified delegation to become more responsive and lower your administration costs.

Get Insight Into Adoption and Utilization

Automate the gathering of data needed to increase the transparency into how Teams is being adopted and utilized.

Gain and Maintain Control

Use RPA to automate and reduce errors, enforce policy, and ensure compliance.

Control Guest Access

Ensure that guest access conforms to the policies your organization requires and that guest access is transparent.

Key Features at a Glance

Complete robotic solutions offer many pre-configured bots that are ready to get to work.

Lifecycle Management

Automate the entire lifecycle of a team, from creation to deletion. Ensure that policies are always be respected even when end-users are in control.

Dynamic Membership

Remove the need to manually manage membership. Use our dynamic groups that manage membership based on your needs.

Guest Access Control

Get rapid insight into the proliferation of guest accounts, then remediate any needed changes. Set policies for future use and be sure of compliance.

Full-Featured Templates

Use the full power of Microsoft's provided templates, even the hidden features available only through PowerShell. Our bots will make sure that they are enforced without error.

Delegated Administration

Give your users and managers the ability to administer and monitor Teams by delegating bots to them without the need for training or fear of compliance violations.

Adoption & Usage Reports

Use bots to monitor the state of your deployment 24/7/365 without any effort. Use pre-created or your custom reports to have transparency into adoption and usage statistics. 

Bulk Management

Reconfigure your Teams deployment in minutes by applying changes to multiple teams at once. Reduce the time and effort need to be compliant.

Avoid the Trap of Point Solutions for Microsoft Teams Governance

Stop the random acts of automation! Don’t get fooled by point solutions that become just another siloed solution that just tells you what’s going on but doesn't address the real work of administration and control. 

Here’s why RPA is the better choice for governing Microsoft Teams.

IGA Integration for Microsoft Teams

Extend the reach of your existing identity governance solution

Cloudbridge serves as the hub for all your automation efforts, including making your existing IGA investment even more capable. Leveraging REST, our bots can receive events directly from your IGA, make changes to one or more of your tenants and then close the loop by reporting back on the status.

More Than Just Reports & Analytics

Reporting and analytics just tell you your house is on fire. Cloudbridge puts the fire out!

Gaining insight into the state and usage of Microsoft Teams is important to a well governed deployment. Cloudbridge gives you that plus the ability to automate the remediation of what the report contains. This reduces the effort and costs of management, but also closes issues quickly before they get out of control.

Enable Self-Service for Microsoft Teams Users

Some tasks require a person, we can make it easy and secure for them.

With IT departments already overwhelmed by vital tasks, your RPA crew can lift much of the repetitive from you, but some things require a person to be involved such as changing a personal address or phone number. Bots can work interactively with your users to perform tasks and guide them through the process, all without extensive training or the risk of standing access.

Customizable for Any Scenario

One size doesn’t fit all, you need a solution that understands that.

Whether it’s working in hybrid environments or having to support different use cases for road warriors, contractors, or other unique requirements, using RPA give you the agility to adapt. Even complex processes that may be required for regulatory compliance, or unexpected situations can be brought into your governance process.

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