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We automate so you can innovate!

Automate Anything You Can Imagine

We are built on PowerShell, so anything in IT you can imagine we can automate.
Big Data &
Public Cloud

We ZEROfy™ Your Enterprise

We reduce to zero the three things that stand in your way of achieving maximum efficiency and control.


What you need to know
Eliminate bottlenecks and allow anyone to accomplish tasks with no training.


What could happen
Remove risks associated with human error and misuse of privilege.


What work is needed
Take away the human effort needed to do tasks and focus on innovation.
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Combine and Orchestrate Bots to Meet Your Needs

Our bots are powerful all alone, but together they can solve real challenges you face. Here's just a few examples our bots would like to share.

Help-Desk Acceleration

Reduce workload. Resolve quicker. Cut escalations.
Eliminate most help-desk tickets before they ever reach an agent with automated completion and self-service capabilities. For those tickets that require an agent Cloudbridge enables resolution of tickets with little to no expertise and without privileged access, reducing escalations and allowing you to exceed help-desk SLAs.

Legal eDiscovery

Increase accuracy. Keep it confidential. Lower costs.
Eradicate the need to involve IT in eDiscovery efforts for your legal department. Use RPA to successfully reduce the challenges with handling the increasing volume of documents from many sources and the associated challenges of confidentiality, monitoring, accuracy and costs. Enable internal and external counsel to conduct investigations without extensive training or risk.

Rapid On-boarding

Accelerate process. Eliminate surprises.
There’s more to on-boarding than just people. Whether its on-boarding a contractor, a vendor, or an entire new retail location, RPA can eliminate the effort and costs associated with the numerous changes, settings and initial configurations to accelerate any on-boarding project, and since bots don’t make mistakes, do so with confidence in the accuracy of the process.

Enterprise Integration

Maximize investments. Invent something new.
Investments in enterprise solutions is expensive but critical to the short-term operations and the long-term success of a business. Cloudbridge acts as the integration hub between your enterprise systems, allowing you to orchestrate processes between them to increase the value. RPA can create new solutions that aren’t possible with individual systems with zero risk and no long-term effort.

Complete Robotic Solutions

Our complete robotic solutions use our experience to imagine pre-orchestrated solutions for maximum value.

Cloudbridge for Microsoft 365

Productive and in control
Complete Microsoft 365 management solution. Put our bots to work to automate and simplify the reporting and management you need to ensure you are in control.
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Cloudbridge for Microsoft Teams

Collaborate without worries
Extend the administration tools of Microsoft Teams to allow you to accelerate the use of Teams while keeping in control and ensure compliance through governance.
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Cloudbridge for PowerShell

Code and we'll do the rest
Take your IT teams PowerShell development to the next level with our native development tools and privileged grade security controls. Focus on coding and leave the rest to us.

Stop Random Acts of Automation

We are the hub of your automation efforts, bridging the gaps to maximize efficiency and control.

Scripting Alone

We make your PowerShell even better providing tools allowing you re-use your PowerShell scripts to answer other needs while giving you additional security and DevOps tools.

IT Service Management

We can resolve tickets with little to no human effort without the high costs of native ITSM tools, while at the same time allowing you to do so without changing the way you work.

Identity Governance

We extend the reach and capabilities of your identity and access management solutions, giving you the ability to go broader and deeper than ever before, and at a fraction of custom dev efforts.

Point Solutions

We eliminate the need for expensive specialized point solutions that lack extensibility and integration with your other management and automation systems.

Purpose-Built Matters

Our integrated and purpose built for IT approach to RPA overcomes the most common objections to automation.

No Time

Our cloud-based and integrated approach means you can be up and running in hours, not weeks or months ensuring greater ROI.

Too Complicated

No assembly or infrastructure required, and since we speak the language of IT, PowerShell, no need for extensive training or integration.

No Budget

Because we address pains across the entire enterprise making a business case for RPA has never been easier.

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