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Do you struggle with an ever increasing rate of change, complexities and threats? At the same time is the business looking to you to lead the way in innovation and transformation to stay competitive? These are the three things that stand in your way of being able to innovate.


No one person knows it all anymore, resulting in numerous escalations with subsequent delays and additional costs due to a lack of expertise in these areas.
How a system, device or application works and how it works with other systems.
Understanding of how a system, device or application works in an specific enterprise.
How decisions made affect an organization from a regulatory, legal or internal policy perspective.
How activities affect the system, device or applications secure posture or that of the enterprise overall.


There is risk in everything. Due to the integration needed in enterprises one of these challenges can put you at risk.
Unintential User Error
A simple misentry of data, or a lack of understanding of a certain configuration can result in downtime, compliance or security issues.
Misuse of Privilege
Trust given to users through standing privileges or even with PAM can be abused resulting in any number of issues.
Lack of Insight
If you can't see what people are doing with privileges you give them, your trust in your systems is compromised and remediation efforts increase.


There is only so much anyone can do, but many repetitive tasks take up the majority of your time creating pain.

Costs & Variance
Human costs increase as complexity and change increase. Coupled with variance in costs due the unexpected makes working within budget hard.
With many people working on repetitive tasks delays increase slowing down productivity in the business and technical innovation.
No one went into IT to change passwords. Repetitive tasks lower employee satisfaction creating turnover and increase costs.
Business Continuity
Dependency on key people with expertise needed to manual do tasks can lead to continuity problems when they are unavailable.

The 5 Laws of RPA Make it Possible

Bots never break the law and can always be trusted.


...only do what its told to do

Remove the risk of someone misusing their privileges and effort and costs associated with remediating them. 

...Do it exactly as instructed

Eliminate the risk of unintentional user error and the inevitable consequence of downtime, efforts in investigating, remediating and the associated costs.

...Always Help a person, if allowed

Take away the expertise needed to complete tasks that require human interaction, but ensure that only those approved can do it.

...happily work Independently

Completely remove the human effort needed to executive repetitive and mundane tasks that humans despise freeing them innovate.

...never abuse someones trust

Since they only do what you tell them, do it exactly as told, and work only with those they are delegated to, they can never misuse their access or allow those who use them to do so. They never color outside the lines.

We ZEROfy Your Enterprise

This is how we use the power of RPA to ZEROfy, reduce to zero, the expertise, risk and effort inherent in getting things done.

1. Discover

Our bots discover what you've been doing and work with you to determine the best targets for automation

2. Construct

Collect the expertise needed to complete a task. Construct and orchestrate them to address your precise needs.

3. Protect

Secure all aspects of your new bots including the scripts, credentials, access, logs and then delegate them as needed to people.

4. Deploy

Release your bots to execute tasks using the best method for the desired tasks.

5. Analyze & Optimize

Monitor, report, alert and evaluate bot utilization and optimize them to maximize productivity and control.

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