The Cloudbridge platform is host to many solutions that allow orgizations to manage their complex infrastructures from a business needs perspective rather than through the eyes of the vendor.

Coudbridge solutions are built from basic PowerShell and then wrapped with Cloudbridge platform features to create rich cloud portals that can be customized, extended and delegated to appropriate staff all without native access. Install each of these solutions and then customize to your individual needs.

Office 365 User/Group Management

Organizations are often forced to grant excessive permissions in order to provide basic management of O365 users and groups. This solution eliminates the need for native portal administration and allows each individual task to be delegated to staff without the need for native access. Additionally, complex workflows like user de-provisioning are automated and include Microsoft’s best practices. User actions are audited and any operations performed outside of Cloudbridge are detected and recorded as part of a change record.

Office 365 Configuration Drift Management

This solution watches critical security and operational settings in Office 365. Changes are tracked and any change can trigger an administrator alert.

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On-Prem User / Group Management

Similar to the O365 Solution, user and group membership operations are made available such that they can be delegated with no native access granted. Ideal for help desk and junior admin operations. All operations are audited.


Dynamic Groups

Managing groups can require a significant effort. Microsoft has addressed this with dynamic groups but this feature is cumbersome, complex and only available to top-tier license subscribers.

This solution makes it easy to maintain groups using simple rules. Groups can be created, sync’d, and maintained according to your policies.

Groups can even be sync’d between on-prem and cloud and between different types of groups.

Pivot groups allow groups to be created and membership assigned based on policies making it simple to have regional groups for Sales, Marketing, Dev, etc. Policies can include any user contact attribute and can be compound.

For example: “<state> <country>, Sales”. A trial mode allows you to verify results before activating in production. This solution is available for both Azure AD/O365 and On-Prem AD.

Office 365 External Access

Like many cloud solutions, O365 makes it easy for teams to collaborate; internal and external to the organization.

Data exposed to users outside the organization can easily lead to data breaches if not monitored.

This solution identifies both the settings that enable external access and the actual content that is shared outside of the organization making it easier for administrators to limit data exposure.


Exchange Online Reporting

Exchange Online reporting, administration, and change management. Baseline and alert on changes to Administrative access, non-default mailbox permissions, mailbox audit configurations, and policies. Trace messages, monitor SPAM, and easily administer the Exchange Online Quarantine.

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SharePoint Online Reporting

SharePoint Online configuration and usage reporting, administration, and change management. Inventory and monitor change on sites, users & content, and activity.


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Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online custom reporting, administration, and change management.

Baseline and alert on changes to federation access, policies, and user policy assignments. Easily report on client versions and the quality of Skype for Business calling and meetings.

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Cloudbridge solutions library is a rapidly growing host to many utilities. Find  a variety of black-belt solutions here for things like verifying all DNS records, reporting on DirSync activity, verifying Digital Certificates, monitoring Azure security principles and much more!

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