Published: 27/01/2020
By: Charlie Pulfer

What is Privileged Task Management (PTM)?

Privileged Task Management is the next generation of Privileged Access Management (PAM) technology.

What is PAM?

If you haven't heard of PAM, it refers to security processes and technologies to control elevated (“privileged”) access (i.e. Administrator accounts). This is usually accomplished by putting the privileged credentials inside a secure repository (a vault). This has the effect of isolating the use of privileged accounts to reduce the risk of those credentials being stolen or used incorrectly.

How is PAM Improved with Privileged Task Management?

PAM's major weakness is that once a user is given access to a privileged credential stored in the vault, they can use this credential to do whatever they want. PTM was designed to solve this problem. PTM removes all native access to systems and data. Instead, users perform operations via automated Tasks.

PTM Tasks are delegated to the people that need to perform the Task. Tasks are programmed, repeatable, controlled; no trust is required. A user can perform only the operation allowed within the task. Tasks are delegated to roles or individuals within the organizations, whether that is an admin, helpdesk or business user. Tasks provide the benefit of a secure framework for operations but also provide optimal efficiency through automation. When a Task is executed, an audit record is captured that properly tells the story of the business task being performed; the who, what, where, and when of the operation.

PTM is a business-centric approach where the operational tasks are modeled and delegated to the people that need those tasks. PTM provides significant business benefits:

  • Zero Trust is achieved
  • Unwanted access to systems and data is eliminated and can be demonstrated for GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations
  • Builds on an existing PAM investment
  • Adds value on day one and continues to grow in value each day
  • Removes barriers rather than adding them
  • Removes IT as a bottleneck, makes systems accessible to the business
  • Allows IT staff to focus on creating Tasks rather than doing them
  • Reduces helpdesk costs
  • -ntegrates operations across multiple systems
  • Allows an organization to grow faster than their IT departments can grow

Building and Delegating Tasks to Replace Privileged Credentials

At the heart of PTM is a modeled Task. PTM makes it simple for an organization to model complex tasks. In just a few hours, an organizations first Tasks become operational with the following benefits:

  • Tasks are modeled once and used repeatedly
  • Tasks encompass business process knowledge
  • Tasks remove dependence on people
  • Human error is eliminated
  • Task audit records tell the true story of who, what, where and when
  • Eliminate complex log assembly and diagnosis for operational awareness
  • Capable of complex, multi-system operations and incorporating approvals
  • Reduce organizational burden

Cloudbridge Privileged Task Management

Cloudbridge is the undisputed leader in the PTM space. Cloudbridge makes it simple to implement PTM. Cloudbridge includes hundreds of already-modeled Tasks for managing users, groups, mailboxes, mailflow, and more. Cloudbridge makes it extremely simple to model Tasks using familiar PowerShell and then provides instant Web Portals where Tasks can be delegated to roles or individuals in the organization. In under 30 minutes, typical organizations are getting PTM value. 24 hours later, several more tasks have been modeled and will never again require privileged access. With each additional day more tasks are modeled and automated, freeing up more of IT's time via a snowball effect. In a few months, an organization has achieved zero trust across many disciplines, the business becomes increasingly secure, and increasingly empowered with automation.

Go to the Cloudbridge website to get more information on PTM and how it is more secure than PAM.


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